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Please note
: This is NOT an OFFICIAL UltraStar site! Were not the programmers! The txt files you can find here were
downloaded from various sources. Wed like to give credit to the people who wrote those txt files! Please let us know if
YOU wrote one of those txts! THANKS!

What is UltraStar?
UltraStar is a FREE, open source, PC Karaoke simulator, similar to the well known Singstar (PlayStation 2).


Quote from the developer: PC conversion of famous karaoke game - Singstar. It allows a computer to evaluate how
good you are when you sing by analyzing your voice pitch. Sing your favourite songs and see how you improve..

What do I need to play?
You just need a PC, the programme and a mic or headset.

How many players can play simultaniously?
Right now just one player. The current version is 0.3.3. Maybe well see 2-Player in v0.4.0 (hopefully!).

Can I use my own songs / mp3s?
Yes, you can! Just add them to the game, add a txt file and sing!


Can I programme my own songs?
Yes! Just take a look at our tutorials and ask your questions here!

Where can I download UltraStar?
Look here!

Where can I talk about UltraStar?
Just join our FORUM and ask your questions and post your comments. Youre very welcome!


Join our FORUM and talk about UltraStar!

WOW Strategies, Tutorials, Secrets