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Tutorial - How to add a video?

Playing UltraStar without a video could be boring.
First, you´ll have to download a video clip (not all songs have their own clip...).
Make sure that you have an .mpg file (.avi won´t work in the current version).

If the clip is only as an .avi available download
TMPGEnc and change it to .mpg.

Then add it to the folder where the mp3 and the txt file is.
It should look like this (example):


Then open the txt file and add this:

#VIDEO:Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit.mpg

It should look like this:


Now start the game, choose the song and check if the video is synchron to the music.
If not, you´ll have to add a so called “VIDEOGAP” to your txt file.
Some clips contain a few seconds non-essential scenes before the music starts.
If there are (example) three seconds before the music starts you´ll have to add this:


It should look like this:


Maybe you´ll have to check it a few times (example: “#VIDEOGAP:3,6” may work, too!) .
Start the game and look if it´s synchron! It´s worth the work:


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WOW Strategies, Tutorials, Secrets

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