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Tutorial - How to make a song?

Ok, you want to make your own song. First there´s some work. It isn´t that heavy...

1. You need the mp3 (of course!).

2. You need the song´s lyrics. Look
here for links to lyrics sites!

3. Very important: you need a Midi! Look
here for links to Midi sites, listen to the Midi you´d
like to download! Does it have a vocal line? If not vist other Midi sites and look there. You´ll
need the vocal line! If you found a good Midi download it.

4. Create a new folder in UltraStar´s “Songs” directory, named like the song you like to make.

5. Now start UltraStar and choose EDITOR.

6. Now you´re here:
Choose “Convert Midi to Txt” and press ENTER.

7. Now this screen appears:
Choose “Open” and press ENTER.

8. Then you´ll see this:
Type in the directory where your Midi file is and then push “OK”.

9. Now you can see the Midi´s lines (example)
Now you´ll have to find the vocal line. Using the DOWN ARROW go to the line which might be the vocal line.
Then choose it with a push on SPACE. It will look like this:
Using the ARROWS you´ll have to choose “Play Selected”:
Then push ENTER and listen! Is your chosen line the vocal line? If not: use the ARROWS and go to your selcted line
and push SPACE. Then choose another line, push SPACE and choose “Play Selected” again.
When you finally found out what´s the vocal line go on “Save”:
Now push ENTER.

10. Now you converted your Midi into a txt file! You can find it in your song´s folder.
Now open the txt file. It should look like this:

11. Now you´ll have to fill in the title, the artist and the mp3 (example):
Make sure that you typed the name of the mp3 exactly like it is!
Also check if there´s an “E” (end of song) at the bottom of the file:

12. Now we try to fill in the first line. Syllable by syllable:
Please note: if a word has only ONE syllable you´ll have to push SPACE after the word. If the word has more
syllables (like “shadow”) you shouldn´t push SPACE after “sha”, cause the word isn´t finished yet.
Push SPACE when the word is finished: after “dow”.

13. So you completed the first line. Now you have to set a break (a new line will appear in the game):
If you don´t add a break/new line UltraStar will crash.

14. Now start UltraStar, choose you song and look if the vocals are synchron with the syllables/words.
You should just look at the moment when the vocals begin. The first syllable/word should appear exactly
when the singer (in the song) starts to sing
If not you´ll have to adjust the “gap”. Each song has it´s own gap, here´s just an example:
Now start UltraStar and check again if it´s synchron. If not you´ll have to change the gap again...

15. Finally you have it synchron. But the syllables/words are too fast (or slow). Then you´ll have to adjust the “bpm”.
Just like the gap you´ll have to try and see if it´s synchron. In this example you may change it from “156” to “140”:
Now start the game and look if it´s synchron now. If not change the bpm again...

16. After some time you´ll have it synchron. Then you can add the second line to the song, set a break, start UltraStar
and check it it´s ok.

It may take some time to complete your first song. If you don´t get it don´t hesitate to visit our
FORUM and ask your questions!

WOW Strategies, Tutorials, Secrets

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