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Tutorial - What is a txt file?

The txt file contains all the information UltraStar needs to know. It should be located in the songs directory.
After you created the directory (in “Songs”, example: “Foo Fighters - My Hero”) add the txt file to the “Foo Fighters - My Hero”
directory. Make sure that the mp3 is in that directory, too!

About the mp3´s: we don´t have them here, but you need them for the game. Make sure that the mp3 has the same lenght
as mentioned in our downloads/txt files section. If not, the game won´t be synchron.
If your mp3 has not the same name as mentioned in the txt (example: “#MP3:Foo Fighters - My Hero.mp3”) it won´t work!
So first check the txt and then rename the mp3 (if needed).

Let´s take a look at a txt file:


The txt file contains info about the...

-title (#TITLE:My Hero)

-artist (#ARTIST:Foo Fighters)

-music source (#MP3:Foo Fighters - My Hero.mp3) The mp3 should be in the same directory as the txt file! There are different mp3´s out   there, make sure you have the one which fits to the txt file. Usually we let you know which mp3 is needed.

-video source (#VIDEO:Foo Fighters - My Hero.mpg) The video should be an .mpg file, avi won´t work. You don´t need a video to play the game. If you don´t have one, just delete the line “#VIDEO:Foo Fighters - My Hero.mpg”.

-video gap (#VIDEOGAP:1,9) If the video isn´t synchron to the song/mp3, the video gap let´s the video start later. In this case (“1,9”) the video starts 1,9 seconds later.

-start (#START:0) Usually this information isn´t needed. You only need it when you make a song. If you just want to play you can ignore it or delete it.

-beats per minute (#BPM:154) This means the vocal line in the song is 154 beats per minute. Essential for programmers.

-time the vocal line starts (#GAP:34700) The gap is the time from the moment the song starts to the moment the vocals begin.

-info about the syllables (: 0 4 59) The “0” means that this is the first syllable. The “4” is the syllable lenght. “59” is the tone pitch.
In this case “0” is the first syllable, which has a lenght of “4”. This means the next syllable starts at “4” (“a”). The “a” has also a lenght of “4”, so the next syllable starts at “8”, which is “6” long (“lar”). This means the next syllable starts at “14” (“ming”). And so on...

-the lyrics (Too) This means the syllable which has to be sung is “Too”.

-line change (-42) Here you can see when a new line begins. After “Too alarming now to talk about.” a new line will appear, in this case: “Take your pictures down and shake it out.”.

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